CCNL Constitution
Updated 11/6/2022

Table of Contents

Structure. 1

Morals Clause. 1

Team Rosters. 1

Draft and Player Acquisition. 1

Playing the Game. 1

Player Usage. 1

Penalties. 1

Schedule. 1

Trades. 1

Free Agent (FA) Pool 1

Post Season. 1

Playoff Usage and Eligibility. 1

Playoff Schedule. 1

Attrition. 1

2021 Addendum.. 1




·        Divisions re-align every year

o   Top 4 records from last year assigned one each to one of the 4 divisions; the divisions named for the manager of each team.

o   Next 8 records are randomly assigned, two per division

o   Remaining teams assigned randomly to get to 6 teams per division

o   This will happen during October, so that you know where you will be before you cut and start trading

o   We will use Random Picker — Choose a random thing from your list ( to select the final 12 teams.

Morals Clause

Team Rosters

Draft and Player Acquisition

Playing the Game

Player Usage




Free Agent (FA) Pool

Post Season

Playoff Usage and Eligibility

Playoff Schedule

For starting pitchers, days off must follow the schedule.